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Hoarding Lies, Keeping Secrets by Michaele Lockhart – Available on Amazon

Hoarding Lies, Keeping Secrets

How much is enough?   When does enough become terrifying? How many secrets can one house contain?  Enter the Morton mansion and discover horrors hidden for generations.  Returned to the family’s home after her eldest sister dies without a will, Jeanne Stewart must again face the pain of her family’s betrayals, deceptions, lies, tales of a poisoning, and even darker secrets while helping identify antiques and heirlooms for the State’s estate appraiser — in what has become the house of a severe hoarder.

But This Is Different by Mary Walker Baron – Available on Amazon

But This Is DifferentWhat if Amelia Earhart and Margaret Mead met as young women at Columbia University and what if a most unusual, powerful and transformational relationship developed between them?  But This Is Different begins on an almost invisible island in the South Pacific on December 30, 1977, and concludes a year later.  In that time Amelia, eighty years old, must decide the term life of a promise made forty years before and the power of commitments.


Of Little Faith by Carol Hoenig – Available on Amazon

Of Little Faith

The Vietnam War is on the nightly news and women are burning bras, but thirty-year old Laura Sumner wonders why her choice as a feminist couldn’t be to have a baby without marriage. Laura not only has to justify her desire to her forward-thinking friends, but to her fundamentally religious siblings, as well. Yet, her most important mission is to find a man who will agree to impregnate her but then get out of the picture once the act is accomplished. The question is, why would she go to such extremes?